About us

Our school is a secondary school, teaching general education with an emphasis on sciences (Liceo Scientifico). It is situated in a fine building in the north- west of Milan, at 96-98 via Mac Mahon.
The school is named after Piero Bottoni (1903-1973), a Milanese architect who, from the 30s on, actively worked as an urbanist and greatly contributed to the new city-planning scheme in the postwar reconstruction. He also planned the building of a new settlement at the outskirts of Milan (QT8) and was politically engaged, both nationally and locally, against any form of public property speculation.
Our school is equipped whit the following facilities:

  • library
  • digital boards in every classroom
  • chemistry laboratory
  • physics laboratory
  • biology laboratory
  • computer laboratory
  • design laboratories (with pantographs)
  • gyms with basket- and volleyball court
  • a sound-proof music room whit drums, amplifier and sound mixer